A Better Refresher

Kulture Kombucha was born out of the idea that each of us can thrive when living healthy lives. We brew fresh kombucha every week and deliver throughout the country. By tapping into the abundant nutrition found in the traditions of tea and fermentation we bring you a better way to refresh.


We’re passionate about health, nutrition and of course, great tasting kombucha! We believe that through education and discovery we can create a healthier culture, not only for our own inner biome, but also for our outer lives.

From Our Table, To Yours

Kulture Kombucha is a family owned business located in the central region of Israel. Our founder has tapped into two decades of experience working with organic and whole foods to produce a wholesome, great tasting beverage that you can enjoy. Many glasses of kombucha were consumed, by the founder, in order to fuel and invigorate the creation of this company.