Brew a better Kulture

We were thirsty for more healthy, balanced cultures. Kulture Kombucha is here to quench that thirst. Kombucha is a gut-healthy, hydrating treat that balances your inner biome. Kulture Kombucha is built on a business model that helps support and bring balance to our outer culture.

  • Better for You

    Kombucha helps balance the gut by breaking down toxins and pulling toxins out of the body, as needed. Better product for better people.

  • Better for the Planet

    The process of making kombucha is regenerative, compostable and clean on the planet. All of this is wrapped up in our eco-conscious glass packaging.

  • How We Give Back

    Kulture Kombucha gives 2% of proceeds from our Kombucha sales to National Parks throughout Israel.

Bringing people together

Kulture Kombucha, at its best, is enjoyed with friends. Drinking is social and Kombucha helps bridge the gap between cultures while balancing the microbiome within.

Something to sip on...

  1. What does culture mean to you?
  2. What creates a healthy, vibrant culture?
  3. What positive changes can you make in your culture?